Mini Dental Implants

Why Mini Dental Implants

The mini dental implant procedure is a much less involved process than the conventional dental implants. For this reason, the procedure can be completed in as little as one simple appointment.  In addition to saving time in the dental office, you will have far less discomfort following this procedure due to the minimally involved dental procedure (usually requiring no surgical flaps or sutures). Because the mini dental implants are so time efficient, Poindexter Dental is able to perform these procedures at a fraction of the cost associated with the larger old style dental implants.


  • A simple, gentle, non-surgical procedure
  • Immediate results, Less office visits
  • Restored confidence
  • Eat the foods you have been missing
  • Much more cost effective than traditional implants
  • Preserve bone and facial structure
  • Virtually no pain


Mini Dental Implant Consultation1. Consultation and pre-op

Mini Dental Implant Placed2. Implant Placed*

Mini Dental Implant Restoration3. Restoration placed*

*These steps are all accomplished in a single, short visit.


Mini dental implants need the same exceptional care as natural teeth. If you have mini dental implants, brush your teeth twice daily, floss once a day, and make sure to visit your dentist on the regular. If plaque and tartar buildup, your dentist may recommend that you use fluoride in your toothpaste or a special rinse.

Now, you know the scoop on mini dental implants. They’re a great option if you’re looking for a way to replace your missing teeth but don’t have the jawbone space or the ability to undergo an extensive procedure. They might be the right option for you. Plus, they’re less expensive and less time-consuming to place than the conventional alternative. When finding a solution to replace your missing teeth, your dentist will let you know if mini implants are the best choice for you. So, talk to them about it. It’ll bring you closer to your happiest, healthiest smile.